People are passionate about so many things. Their sports teams, favorite bands, politics, what goes on their sandwich (sound effect of a record scratching), What? How you build your sandwich is quite a touchy point for a lot of people. 

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For instance, I don’t like tomatoes on my sandwiches or burgers. Some people think I’m an idiot, and they’re probably right about that most of the time, but not about tomatoes on a sandwich.  

If you are a fan of Jimmy Johns and you like their “Kickin’ Ranch”, you better love it while you can, because it’s going away. The sandwich chain first added the dipping condiment in 2018 and it’s said that the sauce quickly became a favorite of their customers. 

To allow some of the fans of the sauce to build up a surplus, Jimmy Johns was selling full bottles of the sauce. They put 100 bottles on sale earlier this week, but now they’re all gone.  

A post on Reddit this week that appears to be from a company memo says that the sauce will be available through January 21st. You can buy side cup size servings for 99 cents each until the 21st. 

If the post on Reddit is accurate, it says that the reason for removing the “Kickin’ Ranch” is because it is labor intensive for their staff to make it.  

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Jimmy Johns  says they’re not going to leave you hanging by removing “Kickin’ Ranch”. They are going to replace it with Jalapeno’ Ranch.  

Change is hard, and if you loved Kickin’ Ranch, this may alter when or if you enjoy Jimmy Johns moving forward. But I can’t help but wonder, did as many people really love this sauce as is being stated, or is this just a way for Jimmy Johns to get people talking about them? 

Remember, McDonalds said the McRib was going away forever, and then it was available again last November. The band “The Eagles split in 1980 and said “hell would freeze over” before they got back together, then they reunited in 1994 and still have a version of the band touring now. 

I guess we’ll have to see if there is anarchy over Jimmy Johns “Kickin’ Ranch” going away or it makes a grand return to Jimmy Johns in the future.  


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