Yung Miami and Daphne Joy, the mother of 50 Cent's son, have been accused of being Diddy's sex workers in a recent lawsuit.

Diddy's Sex Workers Are Allegedly Yung Miami and Daphne Joy

On Monday (March 25), producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones amended the lawsuit he filed against Diddy in February. According to documents obtained by XXL on Wednesday (March 25), Lil Rod accused Yung Miami and Daphne Joy of being Diddy's sex workers. The amended suit claimed Diddy would brag to the producer about how he'd pay Daphne, the City Girls rapper and another woman named Jade Ramey a "monthly stipend" in exchange for services.

"Upon information and belief, Defendants Lucian Charles Grainge, in his capacity as CEO of UMG, authorized Motown Records and Universal Music Group to provide financial resources to Defendants Sean Combs and Love Records through wire transfers to Defendants Sean Combs and Love Records accountant Robin Greenhill," the suit reads. "Upon information and belief, Ms. Greenhill ensured the wiring, funds transfer, or cash payments to sex workers were completed."

The suit continued, "According to Plaintiff Jones, Defendant Sean Combs bragged about having several women on a monthly stipend. According to Plaintiff Jones, the women who received these payments are Caresha Romeka Brownlee, aka 'Yung Miami,' Jade Ramey, aka "Jade," and Daphne Joy Cervantes Narvaez, aka, 'Daphne Joy' who were paid a monthly fee to work as Mr. Combs' sex workers."

Daphne Joy is most notably known as 50 Cent's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son Sire. 50 has yet to comment on the recent claims.

XXL has reached out to Diddy's attorney, Yung Miami's team and Daphne Joy for further comment.

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Yung Miami Accused of Transporting "Pink Cocaine" for Diddy

Yung Miami was also mentioned again in the amended suit. Lil Rod claims Diddy had an alleged love for "pink cocaine," a combination of ecstasy and cocaine that the mogul would buy off his accused drug mule, Brendan Paul. The suit further alleges that Yung Miami would also transport the substance for Diddy.

"Plaintiff and the Combs Rico Enterprise were rehearsing for 'Something in the Westival." in Virginia," the court filing reads. "Plaintiff Jones personally witnessed Mr. Combs do a few lines of coke in his dressing room. Defendant Sean Combs wanted tuci but Brendan forgot it, so Defendant Kristina Khorram called Yung Miami. Who then brought it on the private jet from Miami."

Diddy has previously denied the allegations in Lil Rod's initial lawsuit.

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