Young Dolph's wife is going viral for singing a song dedicated to the late rapper's killers and fans are not happy about it.

Young Dolph's Wife Sings a Song to Rapper's Killers

In an Instagram Story that has since expired, Young Dolph's wife, Mia Jaye, recorded herself singing a song dedicated to the late rapper's murderers. Gossip site The Neighborhood Talk captured the video and posted it on their IG account.

"You ain't s**t/S**t for what you did/How could you take a father from his family and kids/Mr. Shooter/Dear Mr. Shooter what the f**k was you thinkin'?/You done f**ked up now," Jaye sings in the visual.

While it's understandable that she is still grieving over the loss of her husband, some fans were not happy she was singing to the killers of the beloved rapper.

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Fans Are Not Feeling Mia Jaye Singing to Young Dolph's Killers

When Mia Jaye's video started making the rounds on social media, fans were not feeling the clip. Some didn't appreciate her vocal skills, while others supported Jaye's grieving process.

One fan wrote: "I'm sorry but Young Dolph wife with the singing to the killers … ion like it!"

Another person tweeted: "Young dolph wife on the internet singing talm bout dear mr.shooterrrr [three loudly crying face emojis] lmfaoo where that lady therapist? get her off the internet grieving."

However, a third commenter supported Jaye and felt that no one has the right to criticize how a person grieves.

"Y'all can rap/sing about brown booty holes but this grieving wife/mother can't sing about how someone took her husband away. Make it make sense. I think her voice is beautiful and if singing is part of her grieving process I encourage and support it 100%."

Young Dolph wife sings song to her killers.

However, most fans found Jaye singing a song to Young Dolph's murderers a little strange if not inappropriate.

"Young Dolph wife outta pocket for that damn song [loudly crying face emoji]," tweeted one person.

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Watch Young Dolph's wife video below.

Watch Young Dolph's Wife Sing a Song to the Rapper's Killers Below

Read Fans' Reactions to Young Dolph's Wife Singing a Song to Her Killers Below

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