YesJulz is planning a countersuit against Ye after her surprise firing for allegedly violating her non-disclosure agreement.

YesJulz to Countersue Ye After Surprise Firing

YesJulz is taking matters into her own hands and is planning to file a countersuit against Ye, even after claiming she reached out to him to prevent that step from being taken.

On Friday (March 29), YesJulz jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to explain her issues with Ye and his chief of staff, Milo Yiannopoulos, who fired her from Team Yeezy. Julz, who had been working closely with Ye on the rollout for his new album Vultures 1, was dismissed from Team Yeezy for allegedly violating her NDA from the company.

In several posts, which can be viewed below, the popular talent manager addressed accusations that she had breached the terms of the NDA. She also made claims that Yiannopoulos had fired her without just cause and had forged her signature on various documents.

"Milo has stolen from and blackmailed Ye and this is a known fact," Julz wrote in one post. "It baffled me that he is still around until i received a phone call explaining why after my whole situation went public. Its not rocket science."

Julz later posted: "By the way - i reached out to every mutual friend i could think of urging them to have @kanyewest call me so i wouldn’t have to move forward with a countersuit[.] I assume everyone is too p***y to address him about this so this is my last attempt before i take action."

"I gave everyone over a week to do the right thing and fire this pedo, pay me for my completed work and drop the nonsense intent to arbitrate. Even asked everyone in a text if this was real because the way Milo wrote it was so damn laughable (my name is misspelled, Mozart is referenced, and the pot calling the kettle black with reference of outbursts & 'hateful' behavior was just the cherry on top for me)[.] I had to assume this was fake, but nope- its very real. So my response to it will be very real also."

Julz added: "I really dont even want to do this. My problem lies with Milo[.] But i cant ignore that the rest of the team, including the founder of company, has been complicit. I have no choice but to fight back." [woman shrugging emoji]

In response to a fan who found it laughable that she is suing Ye, Julz replied: "That company tried to intimidate the wrong girl with a bogus a** lawsuit. Thats what happened. Im not the first employee dealing with this BS[.] Im just the first to speak up & fight back[.]"

XXL has reached out to Ye's rep for comment.

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YezJulz Gets Fired From Team Yeezy

On March 12, Ye announced on his Instagram Stories that he terminated his relationship with YesJulz.

"We have decided to no longer have YesJulz involved in the roll out of Vultures. All the activity on her page and with our fans in the past few days has been unauthorized."

Following Ye's post on Instagram, an email, allegedly written by Milo Yiannopoulos, popped up on X. The email was apparently sent to YesJulz, whose real name is Julieanna Goddard. In it, Yiannopoulos stated that Julz incured fines of $7.7 million for allegedly violating her NDA.

A follow-up e-mail from Yiannopoulos said, "Obviously, you are fired."

On March 17, Ye posted on his IG Stories a copy of a lawsuit filed against YesJulz for $8 million.

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See YesJulz's posts announcing that she's countersuing Ye and his company below.

See YesJulz's Messages of Her Plans to Countersue Ye and Team Yeezy

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