If the various allegations from multiple people are to be believed, Diddy has been a bad boy. Over the last four months, the long-time record exec has been accused by four women and one man of sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape and other crimes. It started with Puff's former girlfriend Cassie Ventura, who filed a lawsuit against Diddy last November, claiming Diddy physically and sexually abused her during their decade-long relationship. Diddy settled with Cassie a short time later, while asserting the payout was not an admission of guilt. That would be just the tip of the iceberg for the now-embattled musical titan.

Here's a breakdown of all of Diddy's current legal issues.

  • Joi Dickerson-Neal Comes Forward With Sexual Assault Allegations 

(Nov. 23, 2023) A week after Cassie's lawsuit went public, another woman sued Diddy for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting her when she was in college. Joi Dickerson-Neal claims the incident happened when she was a student at Syracuse University studying psychology in 1991. In the suit, she claims to have gone to a restaurant in Harlem, N.Y. with Diddy where he allegedly spiked her drink. He later took her to a place he was staying and sexually assaulted her while capturing the event on video, Dickerson-Neal claims. She says she was empowered to come forward by Cassie's suit.

  • Jane Doe Comes Forward With Sexual Assault Allegations

(Nov. 24, 2023) Another woman identified as Jane Doe filed a lawsuit against Diddy, claiming she was sexually assaulted by Puff and R&B singer Aaron Hall when she was only 17 in 1991. The woman claims she met the budding mogul at a record label event and she was later invited back to Hall's home for an afterparty. There, she claims she was given alcohol and coerced into having sex with Diddy. Afterward, Hall allegedly barged in and pinned her down and also had sex with her without her consent, the lawsuit alleges.

  • Diddy and Former Bad Boy President Harve Pierre Accused of Raping Woman When She Was 17

(Dec. 6, 2023) A woman filed a new lawsuit claiming Diddy, former Bad Boy president Harve Pierre and another unidentified man of trafficking her across state lines as a high school student and raping her in a Manhattan, N.Y. recording studio in 2003. The lawsuit includes the photos of the alleged victim sitting on Diddy's lap. He has disputed the accuracy of the photos in a court filing pushing back against the suit.

  • Producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones Sues Diddy for Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment

(Feb. 26, 2024) Producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones filed a lawsuit against Diddy claiming Rod was sexually assaulted, sexually harassed and not fully paid while working on Diddy's latest album The Love Album: Off the Grid. Jones makes several scandalous allegations in the 73-page lawsuit, including claims that Diddy had sex with minors, touched Jones inappropriately, forced him to pick up male escorts and more. Jones has since claimed Diddy is harassing his family in the wake of the lawsuit.

  • Diddy's Homes Raided in Connection to Alleged Sex Trafficking 

(March 25, 2024) Diddy's homes in Miami and Los Angeles were raided by federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security, with helicopters swarming the area. The raid was reportedly conducted in connection to a DHS investigation for alleged sex trafficking. Diddy's sons Christian and Justin were videoed being detained by authorities. Diddy was not present during the raids.

Diddy has denied the allegations of these lawsuits. XXL has reached out to Diddy's attorneys for comment about his homes being raided. 

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