Childish Gambino says that he was insulted when people started comparing his show Atlanta to Lil Dicky's TV show Dave.

Childish Gambino Felt Insulted by People Comparing His Show Atlanta to Lil Dicky’s Dave

Childish Gambino and actress Maya Erskine stopped by Vanity Fair to participate in a lie detector test as part of the promo run for their Mr. & Mrs. Smith TV series on Feb. 2. During Gambino's time hooked up to the machine, he was asked whether he thought he was more talented than Lil Dicky. The rapper admitted he did believe he was more talented than Dicky.

"This is gonna start beef, but I actually like him," Gambino said. "I think he's a really nice guy. I'm just conceited."

Erskine then asked Gambino whether comparisons between Atlanta and Dave were insulting.

"Yeah, I don't remember any critics," Childish Gambino continued. "I think it was just people,  but I definitely was insulted. Not that I think Dave is bad because I actually really think Dave is a good show. I just don't think they have a lot in common."

Erskine was then informed by the person conducting the lie detector test that what Gambino said was true.

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Childish Gambino Seems to Deny Being Friend-Zoned by Jhené Aiko

The latest interview with the Mr. & Mrs. Smith stars comes after Childish Gambino was asked to disprove a rumor about himself during an interview with BuzzFeed UK earlier this month. While Gambino never named names, a lot of people thought he was referring to Jhené Aiko.

"It was a rumor I got friend-zoned by someone once," he responded. "But I didn't get friend-zoned by them.

He clarified, "There was a rumor I got friend-zoned by them. I didn't get friend-zoned by them. I got other-zoned."

Childish Gambino and Jhené Aiko previously collaborated on multiple songs in the early 2010s including Aiko's "Bed Peace" and "Pink Toes," and Childish Gambino's "Telegraph Ave" music video.

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Watch Childish Gambino talk about feeling insulted by Dave comparisons below.

Watch Childish Gambino Talk About Feeling Insulted by Dave Comparisons to Atlanta

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