Childish Gambino seems to deny the rumor he got friend-zoned by Jhené Aiko in a recent interview.

Childish Gambino Addresses Jhené Aiko Rumor?

On Feb. 2, Childish Gambino sat down for an interview with Maya Erskine for BuzzFeed UK. During the talk, which can be seen below, the rapper-actor is asked what rumor about himself that he would like to disprove.

"It was a rumor I got friend-zoned by someone once," he responded. "But I didn't get friend-zoned by them," he added.

He refused to divulge the person's identity, only adding, "There was a rumor I got friend-zoned by them. I didn't get friend-zoned by them. I got other-zoned."

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Childish Gambino and Jhené Aiko's Relationship

Some fans have speculated the mystery woman is Jhené Aiko. One person even made a cut of the BuzzFeed UK interview that includes clips of Jhené cut into the clip, seemingly questioning CG's denial. Childish Gambino and Jhené Aiko collaborated on multiple songs in the early 2010s including Aiko's "Bed Peace" and "Pink Toes," and Childish Gambino's "Telegraph Ave" music video. But it was never established that they were an item despite speculation.

Glover has been married to his longtime partner Michelle White since 2019. The couple share three sons, Legend, Drake, and Donald Glover III. Since her divorce from producer Dot Da Genius in 2016, Jhené Aiko has been with Big Sean. They welcomed their first child in November of 2022. She also has a daughter from a previous relationship with O'Ryan Granberry.

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See video of Childish Gambino seeming to deny the rumor that he got friend-zoned by Jhené Aiko below.

Watch Childish Gambino on BuzzFeed UK

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