As a trusted news source with an established history in hip-hop for over 25 years, XXL has launched a brand-new collection of merch featuring hoodies, T-shirts, phone cases, mugs, mats and more. Cop merch and place an order at here. There are 100 pieces to choose from.

In addition to XXL magazine issues available for purchase, there is a unique collection of water bottles, laptop cases, notebooks, stickers and even baby onesies. Fans of the legendary 2016 XXL Freshman Class can also rep their favorite rapper from the most popular Freshman cypher of all time. Fresh new hoodies, T-shirts and more are available that pay homage to the superstars of 2016. For those that support Drake and 21 Savage, and their lauded run with their Her Loss album, XXL has you covered with a mug promoting their faux presidential run.

The latest merch sports some unique phrases that only rap's most eagle-eyed fans will recognize. A mat that aptly reads "Standin' on Business," a very fitting baby onesie with the words: "All about the ben-jammies" and a notebook encouraging artists to write and rap. There's also a water bottle that reads: "You wanna talk or go to war?" and East Coast fans will appreciate the travel tumbler that simply reads "Deada*s."

The point is, there's plenty of merch to go around. For those looking to elevate their personal style this year, add to the look of a home or show off one-of-a-kind accessories, many pieces are available. Check out some of XXL's merch below, and hit the Cop Your Merch link below to buy. You can also visit the site here.

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