Boosie BadAzz recently criticized Playboi Carti for wearing what he believes was a thong bodysuit.

Boosie BadAzz Slams Playboi Carti for Wearing a Thong Bodysuit

On Saturday (March 30), a video surfaced featuring Boosie BadAzz on Instagram Live criticizing Playboi Carti for wearing what he believes was a thong bodysuit. The Louisiana rapper must have seen the photo that went viral back in February of Carti rocking camo pants, a denim jacket and a sheer shirt. Many people thought that Atlanta rhymer was rocking a thong bodysuit.

In the clip, which can be viewed below, the "Wipe Me Down" rhymer questioned Carti's fashion choice.

"You saw the boy just put a thong on, bro. Playboi Carti," Boosie said. "He put a thong up his a**, bro."

"You mean to tell me a man put a thong up his a*s and not think about being a female," he continued.

Boosie added that he thinks that Carti was jealous of his ex-girlfriend and his child's mother Iggy Azalea and wanted to outdo her by wearing a thong.

"I don't understand it, bro. He must have been jealous of his baby mama," Boosie stated. "Iggy's a*s is beautiful with a thong on."

"Did you get mad and go into competition?" the rap veteran questioned. "How did you go from looking at Iggy in a thong to putting one on?"

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Playboi Carti Did Not Wear a Thong Bodysuit

Although Boosie is outraged by Carti's unique fashion choice, the "Fe!n" artist did not wear a thong bodysuit.

In the viral photo, which can be seen below, Carti was wearing a sheer long-sleeved shirt with the bottom part designed to stop the fabric midway but it does not go all the way between the legs to connect.

The clothing item Carti is wearing closely resembles a thong-like design from the collaboration between Rick Owens and Champion. However, it is not actually a thong but crafted to give the illusion of one.

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See Boosie BadAzz slam Playboi Carti for wearing his racy outfit below.

Watch Boosie BadAzz Criticize Playboi Carti for Wearing a Thong Bodysuit

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