Paper Towels Have a Helpful Purpose When Strategically Placed in Your Refrigerator

Dryer sheets in your mailbox, quarters in your freezer... and now paper towels in your refrigerator?

You may think we're all just confused about how to properly use these things, but it turns out there are good reasons for the not-so-common uses for common household items.

Before we get into why everyone should be keeping paper towels in their refrigerator, let's recap the unusual uses for dryer sheets and quarters.

dryer sheets mailbox
Jessica Williams

If you see a dryer sheet appear in your mailbox, it was likely put there by a postal worker to deter yellowjackets from building a nest inside your mailbox.

Quaraters in freezer

Quarters in your freezer can help you determine if your freezer has defrosted, potentially contaminating your food.

So why put paper towels in your fridge?

Having a roll of paper towels in your fridge might come in handy to quickly clean up spilled milk or other drips, but honestly, that's not really feasible if you ask me. It would just occupy valuable food space in the fridge.

The main reason one would want to put a layer of paper towels (not the whole roll) in the refrigerator is to keep your produce fresh and edible. According to Reader's Digest, simply line your produce drawers with paper towels and place your veggies and fruits on top. This will help absorb any excess moisture, keeping your produce fresher longer.

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What types of produce need paper towels to stay fresh?

Putting paper towels in your fridge can be especially beneficial for certain foods like lettuce, herbs, and berries. The last thing you want is a salad with soggy lettuce or gross squishy berries. The paper towels will absorb extra moisture to help preserve the crispness.

Fruit and Vegetables in Refrigerator Drawer

For best results, make sure you are using good quality, high-absorbent paper towels and dry your fruits and veggies before putting them in the drawer.

Don't forget to keep an eye on your crisper drawers and swap out the old soggy paper towels for fresh ones as needed.

Are there other uses for paper towels in the refrigerator?

Yes! Paper towels are also a great way to separate items like sliced cheese or deli meats. Layering paper towels between items in the fridge can help prevent them from sticking together or becoming mushy.

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So, before you hit up your local farmer's market this summer, make sure you have an extra roll of paper towels set aside. After all, nobody likes throwing away expensive produce because it went bad before you could eat it.

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