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Quite a few of my friends who are into snowmobiling are feeling a bit let down by Mother Nature, but I'm loving the mild winter we've experienced. Yes, we had a short stretch of really cold temps, but it's been very comfortable for the most part.

Even warmer air is in the forecast and we could set some weather records next week.

Why Has It Been A Warm Winter in Minnesota?

Last fall weather experts said a Super El Niño would impact Minnesota which is good for those who don't like nasty cold temps. At that time, NOAA said our region should experience warmer than average temps this winter.

El Niño is when the Pacific Ocean's water gets warmer than usual, messing with the Pacific jet stream. This mix-up in the atmosphere messes with the weather all around the world, causing floods, droughts, and weirdly high or low temperatures in different places. Because of this jet stream change, some areas end up having a drier and warmer winter, while others get a wetter winter than they're used to.

Minnesota Will Experience Record Heat

You won't need to dig out your tank tops and flip flops yet, but temps in Minnesota will be well above average next week.


The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities says, "There continues to be a very strong signal that we will be ending January and starting February with another significant winter heat wave. Could we see several days with near-record highs? It certainly looks possible, stay tuned!"

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