10 Items That Should Never Go In Your Garbage Disposal

There are a few life lessons that I wish I didn't have to learn the hard way.  Example: I wish someone would have handed a list like this to me when I moved into my first house in Minnesota.  It would have saved me from having to deal with a clogged drain and garbage disposal on a Thanksgiving morning...with family visiting and who were getting hangry.

Just kidding...I barely remember the family being there.  I think I blocked them from my memory. 

The only thing I do remember from that horrid day is the disaster everywhere and having my kitchen unusable on one of the busiest cooking days of the year.

Learn from my mistakes.  Do NOT put any of the items below down your drain thinking that the garbage disposal is making everything disappear.

10 Items You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is an amazing tool but it can be pretty picky. Below are several items that you should keep away from the big grinder that sits under your sink.

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Distracted Drivers in Minnesota Are Being Targeted in April

Another life lesson you probably don't want to learn the hard way is this...distracted driving is illegal for a reason.  The number of fatalities as a result of distracted driving had a huge spike in 2023.  We don't need any more lives lost because someone was texting while they were behind the wheel.

I'm warning you about this now so hopefully I will save you the ticket.  ALERT: Law enforcement is cracking down on distracted driving in April so for the love of all things, put your phone away.

Psst...If you didn't read this far and you are still picking up that phone to send a text while driving on Hwy 52, I hope you get caught.  My life, my kids' lives, my friends' lives, family members' lives, co-workers...everyone I know is more important than that text or snap you are sending.

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