Not to freak you out but the next few days in Minnesota are going to leave you wishing that you lived in a warmer climate.  According to the National Weather Service, below are the shocking temps that we are expected to see in the next few days:

Bitterly cold wind chills of 15 below to 35 below zero are
expected at times Saturday night through Wednesday morning.

- National Weather Service

Its cold
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If you have fleece-lined leggings or Cuddle-duds, now is the time to put them on because the bone-chilling temperatures are on the way.  If not, you should buy some right now because they are life-changing when Minnesota becomes a scene from the movie 'Frozen'.

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NEVER Do These 13 Things When It Is Below Zero in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, or Wisconsin

I have a love-hate relationship with Winter.  I don't think I'm the only one either.

I'm ok with the first snow and the times when it is the perfect temperature and the snow covers the trees.  Our Minnesota world turns into this gorgeous winter wonderland that you end up just staring at in amazement.

And then, we have the other side of winter, the part that I would rather never experience again.  There are moments when it is so cold that we get warnings about how dangerous it is to be outside with exposed skin.  DANGEROUS.  We live in a place where it is dangerous to be outdoors.  You walk out the front door of our house and you can feel each individual nose hair freeze.  It's about as joyful as it sounds.

When temps reach this dangerous level, which they do every winter, there are 13 things you should NEVER do.

13 Things Minnesotans Should NOT Do When It is Below Zero

The temperatures in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois can get to dangerous levels and when you see those numbers dip below freezing, use this as a rule of thumb to keep you and your stuff safe.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

Where to find a yummy, delicious bowl of soup in Rochester, Minnesota

The perfect day for a bowl of soup is on those cold winter days where it feels like our bones are frozen.  If you are on the hunt for amazing soup, the list below has a few of the most delicious soups in the Rochester, Minnesota area.

10 Best Spots in Rochester to Get Delicious Soup

It's getting chilly out and nothing is better this time of year than a warm bowl of soup. Here are some of the best spots in Rochester, Minnesota to get soup.

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Check Out the Ghost Kitchen that's Cooking at Perkins in Rochester

Are you craving a burger? Open up DoorDash and one of the options for a tasty burger and fries is the extremely popular MrBeast Burger. In December 2020, MrBeast Burger opened its first restaurant in a redecorated Burger Boy restaurant and offered free food to a line of people at times that was 20 miles long. That day, it was announced that MrBeast Burger was opening 300 locations across the United States and joined the list of ghost kitchens operating out of existing restaurant kitchens.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams