Single and ready to mingle? There are towns in Iowa for that.

It's Valentine's season and a lot of us are trying to find dates. The dating world is tough (I still say technology is at least somewhat to blame) and around the QCA, there are plenty of dating horror stories to go around.

It looks like you'll have to venture elsewhere in Iowa to find true wuv.

HomeSnacks crunched the numbers to come up with a "Singles Score" for different towns in Iowa, based on metrics including:

  • population density
  • ratio of male to female population
  • percent of households with kids
  • median age
  • amount of unmarried people in each city

So based off of those stats, here are the best cities for singles in Iowa for 2024. Get ready, you might be surprised.

3. Des Moines

Midwest Living
Midwest Living

I thought this would be higher up on the list but here are the numbers:

  • Population: 213,164
  • Median Age: 34.4
  • Married households: 21%
  • Households with kids: 29.6%

2. Ames

Travel Iowa
Travel Iowa
  • Population: 66,265
  • Median Age: 23
  • Married households: 13%
  • Households with kids: 16.1%

1. Storm Lake

This town of less than 12,000 people is number one on the list? Apparently.

  • Population: 11,194
  • Median Age: 31
  • Married households: 17%
  • Households with kids: 29.1%

I mean, maybe Storm Lake could be a small-town Hallmark situation? Rounding out the rest of the top 10 we have Council Bluffs (10), Dubuque (9), Cedar Falls (8), Cedar Rapids (7), Davenport (6th), West Des Moines (5), and Coralville (4).

So if you've thought the dating scene in the QCA was particularly difficult, the numbers (and myself) can back you up on that.

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