Iowa has ranked as one of the least sinful states in the U.S. But Iowa is continuing to go up on this list. So, is Iowa actually getting more sinful as time goes on?

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Luckily, Iowa continues to be in the top 10 least sinful states making it one of top nicest states or one of the least naughtiest state. Iowa actually got a little naughtier for 2024 and one of its neighboring states is going down the list.

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Iowa Is In The Top 10 Least Sinful States... Again

Every year, the people at WalletHub put out their list of this year's Most & Least Sinful States. Once again, Iowa has landed in the bottom portion of this list making it one of the least sinful states.

To be exact Iowa landed in the top least sinful states at number 9. But Iowa is actually getting a little more sinful

Source: WalletHub

How is that? In 2023, Iowa was the 5th least sinful state, according to Fox News. It landed at the same spot in 2022.

Why is Iowa now getting more sinful for 2024? It might have something to do with its ranking in the greedy or excesses & vices categories.

Illinois Is Getting A Lot Better But Still Needs Work

Illinois only ranked as the 19th most sinful state in the U.S. which is great to hear. Illinois is typically amongst the top 10 most sinful states.

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In 2023, Illinois ranked as the 8th most sinful state and 10th in 2022. Maybe its jealousy ranking is going down which is one of the categories WalletHub looks at.

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