During his Friday night show at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Zach Bryan played to a raucous crowd while tornadoes threatened outside. After that show Bryan and his crew headed West to help those affected by the storms.

Areas of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa were hit hard by several large tornadoes on Friday afternoon. Cleanup efforts continued over the weekend. And if you looked very carefully you might have seen one of music's biggest stars and his band helping in the Omaha area. Omaha.com reports that Zach Bryan, who is scheduled to play shows in Omaha tonight and Tuesday, could be seen helping remove debris and rubble from hard-hit communities.

Omaha.com reports that a mother of a teenager working alongside Bryan stated, "He was just out there among the people without any fanfare. As the mother of two teenagers, that’s the kind of celebrity I want my kids to follow." Others said that Bryan didn't want any pictures taken as he was "just there to help." The country star would later go on and post on Instagram about why he decided to lend a hand.

In his post, Bryan talks about living in the Omaha area for a number of years. The Oklahoma native then said that he was wanted to "offer some honest prayers and hopes to communities affected by the tornadoes."

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