How much do you love your favorite restaurant? Enough to eat there every week? How about every day? An Iowa man loves a buffet-style restaurant so much, that he is attempting to visit every single restaurant location in the United States. His favorite restaurant to visit? Pizza Ranch.

The Pizza Ranch franchise traces its roots to Hull, Iowa, the hometown of restaurant founder Ardie Groeneweg. Ardie and his father found a vacant building on the main street in Hull, came up with a theme and recipes, and Pizza Ranch welcomed its first customers in 1981. The first franchise happened in 1984. Today, Pizza Ranch has over 200 locations in 14 states. The first Pizza Ranch I remember going to was in Monticello, Iowa. I've always been a fan of their chicken and cactus bread dessert pizza. But not nearly as big a fan as Jason Halkias of Davenport.

Jason loves Pizza Ranch restaurants so much that he has set out to visit all 210 locations in the U.S. DakotaNewsNow reports that he is well on his way to completing his goal as Jason recently stopped by the Pizza Ranch in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, his 150th Pizza Ranch visit.

While many of you probably think that once you've seen one Pizza Ranch you've seen them all, Jason begs to differ. He told DakotaNewsNow that "most locations might be similar in a lot of ways, but every location is unique in their own way. That’s what makes this restaurant very special."

DakotaNewsNow reports that including locations that haven't opened yet, Jason has 76 Pizza Ranch locations to visit in Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. He hopes to have visited them all by the end of November.

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