An Iowa-native could be named the winner of MasterChef on Fox this week!

Back in late May, we found out that an Iowan would be representing the Midwest on season 13 of MasterChef. 32-year-old Grant Gillon of Altoona was one of five chefs from the Midwest region to receive a white apron back on May 31st, and he's been killing it ever since!

Late last week, Grant announced on social media that he has officially made the finals of Master Chef season 13, and he seemed to be pretty surprised by the honor. The post reads:

"Sure, the 'goal' was obviously to make the finale and win this dang thing, but I could never let myself believe it was even a possibility I could cook in that finale circle."

Throughout the competition, Grant has won several challenges that helped earn him a spot in the final three. His team won week seven's challenge where contestants had to cook lunch for 101 first responders, and his team won the week ten "Dodgers Stadium Field Challenge," where they had to cook lunch for 100 kids. He went on to gain immunity from episode 11's "Military Rations Mystery Box Challenge," and he and Wayne Lewis won episode 16's challenge, where the pairs had to cook on opposite sides of a wall while making identical dishes (Wikipedia).

During last week's semi-finals, Grant ended up being a winner in both challenges, including one where he had to keep up with Gordon Ramsay! That ensured his spot in the finals, which will take place this Wednesday night. Grant said about the honor:

"Regardless of the result next week, I know that I’ve already won with all that I’ve learned throughout this whole experience and in the end, that’s what matters."

We can't wait to see if Grant wins the competition! Part one and two of the finale will air this Wednesday, September 20th on Fox. In the meantime, you can check out some videos of Grant cooking with his son, as well as lots of food photos HERE.

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