A "Tick Explosion" sounds like the most Minnesotan apocalypse possible. It's also the name of my next OpeCore band. But seriously, folks...so-called "experts" - because they "studied this exact thing for years and have degrees and stuff" - are warning of a "tick explosion" this year.

All that warm weather we enjoyed over the winter could literally come back to bite us in the a**.

A Tick Explosion in Minnesota

As a less-than-joyful carrier of chronic Lyme disease, this news makes me less-than-joyful.

On top of the risk of Lyme disease, there are ticks in the Midwest carrying the pathogen that can make you allergic to meat. ALLERGIC. TO. MEAT. 

And ticks can harm your pets, too, so double the alert.

How to Protect Yourself From Ticks

Of course, nothing is completely fool-proof. Being persistent and consistent with preventative measures every time you're outdoors is your best defense.

  • use repellents with DEET
  • a repellent with permethrin is sprayed on clothes and lasts through several washes
  • wear light colors and tuck in your clothing
  • avoid any tick habitats like grass (good thing grass isn't everywhere), bushes (70s need not apply), fallen logs, and leaf litter
  • shower within two hours of being outdoors
  • check frequently for ticks
  • combine the last two with your significant other/friend with benefits/spicy neighbor and set yourself up for bonus fun time

If the rantings of a radio jock don't convince you, check out the Minnesota Department of Health's website for more tick tips.

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H/T: WKOW (yes, it's a Wisconsin news site)

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