Are you getting excited for football season? Our Minnesota Vikings had a great season last year going 13 – 4 in the regular season. That was a big improvement from 8 – 9 in the 2022 season. But they sure made the fans live on the edge of their seats for all those wins, as many of them were by a narrow margin of less than a touchdown and two of them went into overtime.

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Then of course we had the devastating loss to the Giants in the first round of the Wild Card playoffs.  Making it more demoralizing was the fact that we had just beat them a couple weeks before in the regular season. But I digress. Back to this upcoming season. It’s the second year of a new regime with the new head coach and General Manager.

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings
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Did you watch Quarterback on Netflix? Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins was one of the 3 featured Quarterbacks on the show. If you’re like me, you gained some respect for how much work Kirk puts in for the job, but also it may have raised some more questions in your mind about if he’ll be able to bring the team together and finally win in the post-season.

We’re all holding our breath after losing some key players like Adam Thielen and Dalvin Cook, right? It’s hard to see quality players get released but all we can do is have faith that this new regime knows what they’re doing. If you’ve been wondering how it all went down and what was said when Dalvin was released. He just opened up about it to The Cold Wire.


Fingers crossed for a winning season and SKOL!


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