Have you ever seen a shipwreck before? I know I haven't unless you count the Titanic exhibit. If you are like me and you haven't ever seen a shipwreck, let alone an underwater shipwreck, there is one with Minnesota ties sitting just 6 hours from St. Cloud, near the shores of Isle Royale, Michigan.

The shipwreck is called the 'America' and it lies just off the shores of Isle Royale, Michigan. The ship has a fun backstory involving folks who lived and worked along the North Shore.

Resting just a few feet under the surface in Washington Harbor lays a steamship called AMERICA. The 183-foot package freighter was responsible for bringing people, mail, food, supplies and news up Minnesota’s North Shore to Isle Royale, then loading fresh caught fish to bring back to market. The beloved ship ran aground on June 7th, 1928.
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Today, this sunken vessel is protected as a cultural treasure to be enjoyed by boaters who hover above for a quick glance or experienced scuba divers who delve deeper. Depending on the weather, you may see just the tip of the bow, or you may have a perfect day that allows you to see the windlass twenty feet below and the ship eerily disappearing into the depths. Although VOYAGEUR II has taken over AMERICA’S route, this Isle Royale icon is certainly not forgotten.

How cool is that story, and knowing that you and I could rent a boat, and check out this piece of Lake Superior history? I am adding this to our travel list, as it seems like a really fun family road trip.

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