The Atlanta Falcons signed free agent Quarterback Kirk Cousins this offseason to be the face of the franchise for years to come, and to help the franchise win a Super Bowl.

In late April, the Falcons in the eyes of many got further away from that Super Bowl victory by opting to add competition at Quarterback in the NFL Draft's first round.

The Falcons selected Washington QB Michael Penix Jr. in a spot that they could have added premier defensive talent, or a top-notch weapon on offense for their new quarterback.

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In the immediate wake of the selection, reports emerged that Cousins and those in his camp may not have been aware and/or pleased about the pick, and for good reason.

Now, appearing alongside Will Compton in a one-on-one interview for Barstool Sports, Cousins commented for the first time publicly about the selection and his reaction both immediate and in the present moment:

You can never describe Kirk as anything other than a stand-up guy.

Even when his new team makes what many deem to be a bonehead decision with a top-10 pick, Cousins is ready to compete, and as he says: 'let the chips fall where they may.'

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Cousins has proven a lot of doubters wrong in his time in the NFL, and now despite the team's self-inflicted preseason drama; it's time for Cousins to go to work as the starter.

During his time as the Vikings starting Quarterback from 2018 to 2023, Cousins posted a record of 50-37-1, and threw for 23,265 yards and 171 touchdowns.

It's team number three now in the career of Kirk Cousins, and he and the Falcon faithful are hoping that this team can make the leap to the postseason this Fall, and perhaps beyond.

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