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Well, here we are beginning the second month of the New Year. You just finished Dry January, and now there's a two week window before Lent begins. Hmmmm!

Finding a comfortable place to pass out
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The next few days could be a struggle for those in South Dakota who will tip back their first drink since New Years Eve all because of the one New Years resolution of Dry January. More so for our neighbors to the north.

A recent publication found that South Dakota ranks #3 in America, for being the most likely to wake up with a hangover. The index score is at 56.4 - the 3rd highest in the country behind Montana and North Dakota.

BetKentucky found Iowa was listed at number nine, and Minnesota ranked 29th.

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Did you also know that South Dakota ranks ahead of our northern counterpart in second for the number of beer, wine, and liquor stores and only slightly behind in fourth for bars?

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If you've compared Dry January with Sober October it's okay to assume the similarities. Both are growing in awareness and gaining popularity over social media for those who want to do a month-long alcohol cleanse.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Cheers!

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