You just mowed the lawn, which in itself was a chore. But, if you're like me swatting the pesky mosquitos made it seem your mowing took forever.

You can buy all the bug zappers you want, but there will still be mosquitos hanging around your yard as the summer rolls on. And, why draw them to your yard with an expensive device?

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The seasonal intrusion of mosquitos has prompted Sioux Falls to begin its city-wide spraying.


Sioux Falls Department of Health
Sioux Falls Department of Health

For approximately the next five months the Sioux Falls Health Department will dispatch trucks to spray low-concentration products in the air, reducing the number of harmful mosquitos.

If you and your kids spend any time outdoors this will be good news.

Need to know when the city will be spraying? You can sign up for the text alerts at SPRAY to 888-777.

It will usually be after sundown when you hear the spray trucks drive through your neighborhood. Or, as mosquito activity is at its peak at dawn and dusk.

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