If you're a fan of the Green Bay Packers, or simply an NFL fan, you may have heard of the Wolf family.

As in Ron Wolf, the legendary and Hall of Fame Packers General Manager who brought the team back from the abyss and on to Super Bowl glory in the 90s.

Ron Wolf guided the Packers front office from 1991 to 2000, and notably engineered the trade for QB Brett Favre, and free agent addition of Reggie White.

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Those moves, coupled with a slew of others, made Wolf a legend in Green Bay following a pair of Super Bowl appearances, and a Super Bowl win following the 1996 season.

NFL Hall of Fame Induction
Getty Images - Eliot and Ron Wolf

Eliot Wolf, who is the son of the elder Ron Wolf, had been with the Packers in some capacity from 2004-2017, but was passed over for the recent GM opening in favor of Brian Gutekunst back in 2017.

Wolf left Green Bay following the move and has spent time with Cleveland and New England since. Now, Wolf is set to move into an even bigger role with the recent departure of Bill Belichick and hire of Jerod Mayo as the team's Head Coach.

Per Pro Football Talk:

The Patriots added Alonzo Highsmith to their personnel department on Wednesday and they’ve made several other additions to the organization with ties to scouting director Eliot Wolf in recent days.


It doesn’t appear to be a coincidence.


Per the report, Wolf will have control over the 53-man roster while working closely with head coach Jerod Mayo.

The Patriots are in tear down and rebuild mode, and it will be interesting to see what the final role for Eliot Wolf is in their front office moving forward. It could be the second time a member of the Wolf family has engineered a big turnaround for a franchise over the past three decades.

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