The Packers, Vikings, and Broncos have all had their fair share of good and bad thus far this NFL season, but each franchise currently has a lot of hope as the playoffs inch closer.

The Green Bay Packers have won two straight following a 3-6 start, while the Vikings have dipped back to 6-6 after surging to 6-4.

As for the Broncos, they started the season a terrible 1-5, and have a 5-game winning streak that presently has them sitting at 6-5 on the season.

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There is hope for all three franchises to make the postseason, and here are their current odds:

Denver Broncos - 27% Playoff Chances, 1% Chance to Win Division

Minnesota Vikings - 51% Playoff Chances, 4% Chance to Win Division

Green Bay Packers - 50% Playoff Chances, 1% Chance to Win Division

Since under the new format there is only 1 first-round bye awarded per conference, all three teams have a less than 1% chance at the #1 overall seed.

Independent of every other game this weekend, if the Packers are somehow able to stun the Chiefs this weekend on Sunday Night Football, their chances would jump to 68% to make it to the postseason.

As for the Broncos, a win against a young Houston team on the road would be huge, getting them up to an estimated shot of 52%. With a loss, Denver sinks to just an 11% shot at extra football this Winter.

As for the Vikings, they have a bye this weekend, so they'll be home rooting against the likes of the Packers, Seahawks, Cowboys, and others that stand to challenge them for a wildcard spot in the NFC.

Things are looking okay for all three franchises, but as we inch closer to the postseason, every game matters a great deal in resume building and postseason seeding.

Source: NY Times Interactive Playoff Predictor

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