The Nebraska Cornhusker Athletic Department is still in shock following the sudden departure of long-time AD Trev Alberts last week.

Today for the first time since the news, Head Football Coach Matt Rhule commented on the departure on what's next.

The good news for Husker fans is that Rhule aced it.

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Here's what he first had to say about his current role as football coach:

"I'm here, and I'm all in, and Julie's all in," Rhule said, referring to his wife. "I loved Ted Carter and I loved Trev and I came because of them. But I came to be at the University of Nebraska, and I've loved the people I've met, and we're not going anywhere unless you guys kick us out."

Now, as to the relationship with Alberts and his sudden exit, Rhule offered up nothing juicy. He plainly said he didn't have any issues with Alberts' departure, and that he had no complaints as to how the former AD handled it, at least in their conversations.

Later, Rhule expressed optimism about where the football team and broader athletic department currently stand:

"We have to be unabashed in our desire to be the best," Rhule said. "We cannot worry about optics. We cannot worry about what people say. The way you win in college athletics today is you invest."

It's a snippet of a broader quote, and you can find the entire article here.

Regardless of the AD situation, it appears that Rhule is all-in on bringing the program back to prominence in the near future.

The Huskers first step in doing so is earning a bowl berth this Fall. The season starts on August 31st when Nebraska takes on UTEP in Lincoln. The matchup with the Miners won't be much of a barometer for the season, but Week 2's tilt against Colorado in Lincoln will be.

The Huskers Spring Game is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th at 11:00.

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