Babies R Us Coming To Sioux Falls

Beginning as early as this fall Kohl's will feature a new partner. Babies R Us will begin appearing in Kohl's stores with their baby gear, furniture and more to approximately 200 of its stores across the country.


The size of the newly added Babies R Us stores will vary. According to CNBC, the first Babies R Us shops will open in Kohl's this August and expand to more stores in the fall.

Why Is Koh's Adding Babies R Us

It's all about growth. Kohl's has been trying to turn around declining sales and attract more customers. The Babies R Us brand fits into Kohl’s strategy to have a more relevant mix of merchandise, as reported by CNBC.

Where Are Kohl's Stores Located

South Dakota has four Kohl's locations - two in Sioux Falls and one each in Rapid City and Aberdeen. There are 28 locations in Minnesota and 18 in Iowa.


Big Brands Under Kohl's Umbrella

The most recent addition to the Kohl's family was Sephora with a plethora of beauty products, said to be a $2 billion business.

Keep watching for construction inside your local Sioux Falls Kohl's stores. That could be the first sign of the new Babies R Us.

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