After more than a foot of snow in the area on top of what we already had, you begin to wonder where to put it. And, how much more shoveling your back can take.
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With a Snow Alert in effect for Sioux Falls and surrounding communities DO NOT park your car on the street until it has been plowed curb to curb.  

The city plows are even challenged in plowing.

When you pick up that shovel to clear your sidewalk or driveway, remember some safe shoveling practices.

Better yet, if you have younger neighbors ask them to help.

Scenes From Blizzard

A foot of snow in Sioux Falls!

Winds blowing that snow into nasty drifts!

That scene repeated all over the Sioux Empire. The BLizzard of February 2023 was a cold, snowy mess. AKA, just another South Dakota winter. We can handle it. It sucks, but we got this.

We asked to see your view of the storm, here's what you saw:

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