The Iowa Hawkeyes had a tough one on Sunday, falling to Ohio State on the road in Overtime all while dealing with a scary situation postgame.

The good news is that both Hawkeye star Caitlin Clark and the court-storming fan are okay following an on-court collision on Sunday.

The Hawkeyes, despite the loss, remain one of the top teams in the country according to the latest AP Poll.

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Here is the new poll:

AP Top 25 Women's College Basketball Poll

First-place votes in parentheses

1. South Carolina (36)17-0
2. UCLA15-1
3. Colorado16-2
4. Kansas State18-1
5. Iowa18-2
6. Stanford17-2
7. NC State16-2
8. UConn16-3
9. LSU18-2
10. Texas18-2
11. USC13-3
12. Ohio State15-3
13. Baylor15-2
14. Indiana16-2
15. Notre Dame14-3
16. Utah13-5
17. Gonzaga18-2
18. Louisville16-3
19. Virginia Tech14-4
20. North Carolina14-5
21. Creighton14-3
22. Syracuse16-2
23. Florida State14-6
24. West Virginia16-2
25. Oregon State15-3

Up next for Clark and the Hawkeyes (18-2) is a home matchup against Nebraska on Saturday, January 27th at 1:00. Following Saturday's rivalry tilt, the Hawkeyes travel to take on Northwestern a week from Wednesday.

Source: Hawkeye Sports and - AP Poll

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