It's been a nice start to the season for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in both Men's and Women's hoops.

On Sunday, the Nebraska women added a huge win to their resume, as they took down then #2 Iowa by the final of 82-79.

The most impressive stat of all was the fact that they held superstar Caitlin Clark scoreless in the final quarter to hang on to the 3-point win.

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While the win didn't catapult the 16-8 Huskers into the latest AP Top 25, it did slide the Hawkeyes down a bit.

Here is the latest poll, with a new Big Ten team occupying the #2 spot:

AP Top 25 Women's College Basketball Poll

First-place votes in parentheses

1. South Carolina (35)23-0
2. Ohio State21-3
3. Stanford22-3
4. Iowa22-3
5. Texas22-3
6. NC State21-3
7. Kansas State21-3
8. Colorado20-4
9. UCLA19-4
10. USC17-4
11. Oregon State20-3
12. Virginia Tech20-4
13. LSU21-4
14. Indiana20-3
15. UConn20-5
16. Notre Dame18-5
17. Gonzaga24-2
18. Louisville20-5
19. Syracuse20-4
20. Creighton20-3
21. Baylor18-5
22. Utah18-7
23. Oklahoma17-6
24. West Virginia20-3
25. Princeton18-3

It will be mad dash to the finish line in the regular season, with a ton of action still to come for both the Hawkeyes and the Huskers.

For Iowa, they only have one game this week, when they play host to Michigan on Thursday Night in Iowa City.

Source: AP Top 25 -

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