Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Not only will the Cleveland Guardians and their fans be in celebration of the opening of the 2024 baseball season at home, but they'll also be in for a treat.

Just a few months from now, the Guardians will open their home schedule in a matchup against the Chicago White Sox.

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Fans, players, and general Clevelanders will all be in for an 'out of this world' treat that is much larger than just baseball:

At 3:13 p.m. ET, Cleveland will experience a total solar eclipse -- a once-in-generations event -- for the first time since 1806, 13 years before the birth of Abner Doubleday, the Civil War hero some have credited with inventing baseball.


The alignment of sun, Earth and moon will plunge the city into darkness, and as long as the unpredictable Northeast Ohio weather cooperates, people will view a spectacle that lasts just under four minutes but occurs only three times in a 638-year span above the city.


The next one isn't until 2444.

Get your tickets while you can!

Per, they're already up to $73 to get in, a full $60 more than the day after price.

The Guardians officially open their season on the road in Oakland on March 28th, but you won't want to miss the spectacle that won't occur for another 420 years in Cleveland.


South Dakota Is Home to Two of the World’s Biggest Caves

When you're looking for some of the biggest ones of these on the planet, look no further than South Dakota.

You'll find them right under your nose.
Statista has compiled a list of the longest caves in the world and two of the top six are just 30 miles apart in the Black Hills.

2024 Sioux Falls Area Concert Calendar [UPDATED]

2023 was a banner year for live music in Sioux Falls. Recovery from the pandemic has been strong and Sioux Falls is getting to enjoy so many great live shows.

This year saw Matchbox 20 finally get to play in Sioux Falls after several postponements. Luke Bryan took Sioux Falls by storm. Recently Jelly Roll made lifelong fans when he was in the Sioux Empire.

2024 will continue to see the Denny Sanford PREMIERE Center hosting big-name music acts. Country music is the dominant genre on the calendar, but it's still early.

There are also fantastic shows planned in Brookings, Grandfalls Casino, and The District in Sioux Falls.

Here are the concerts that have been announced for 2024 in and around Sioux Falls.

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns

The 10 Largest Occupations in South Dakota

Where do people in South Dakota work?

If you were a South Dakotan a hundred years ago, chances are you had a job related to farming or ranching. If you weren't doing the farming, you were selling things to the farmers, fixing things for the farmers, or buying things from the farmers.

In the 2020s, things are very different.

Most of us in the SD work in health care or the service industry in one way or another. In fact, there are more nurses in South Dakota than the entire population of the state capital, Pierre.

Today far more people work at a store or restaurant than have probably ever even been on a farm. Time passes and things change, always. Fifty years from now who knows what jobs South Dakotans will be doing

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the top 10 largest occupations in South Dakota (as of 2022).

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns