This looks like the perfect Rib weekend! Grab a rack, your favorite rub, and plenty of wood chips. Let's make the neighborhood jealous.

Should you feel the need to crowd your plate with two or three other things while getting your fill of ribs, you can keep it simple or try and pair a new side dish with the main feature. Me, just give me the meat and a bib.

Anyone who has enjoyed barbequed ribs has most likely scooped on potato salad, coleslaw, cornbread, baked beans, or some cold pasta salad. Never did understand the corn on the cob bit.

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Now that we have summer weather the menu begs for fresh. And that fresh will probably come out of your garden or from the local Farmers Market. Stock up on those fresh-picked veggies to create a side dish that won't compete with the juggernaut of flavors coming from the ribs.


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