College Basketball had quite the shakeup within the past week.

The South Carolina Gamecocks find themselves in the AP Top 25 for the first time in seven years and leapt up to #15. South Carolina picked up wins over #5 Tennessee and Georgia within the past week, both on the road.

As for our area teams, both Iowa State and Creighton slid down a bit, but remain in this week's AP Top 25:

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AP Top 25 Men's College Basketball Poll

First-place votes in parentheses

1. UConn (45)20-2
2. Purdue (16)21-2
3. North Carolina18-4
4. Kansas18-4
5. Houston19-3
6. Tennessee16-5
7. Marquette17-5
8. Arizona17-5
9. Duke16-5
10. Illinois17-5
11. Wisconsin16-6
12. Auburn18-4
13. Baylor16-5
14. Iowa St.16-5
15. South Carolina19-3
16. Alabama16-6
17. Kentucky15-6
18. Dayton18-3
19. Creighton16-6
20. FAU18-4
21. BYU16-5
22. Utah St.19-3
23. Texas Tech16-5
24. San Diego St.17-5
25. New Mexico18-4


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