Now, where did I put them? Hmmm, so the cold weather has now arrived and this signals the season for outdoor winter fun. But, where are those ice skates? I remember cleaning them up at the end of last season and putting them on a storage shelf in the basement.


You may be in the same situation too. Looking for skates, skies, a new snowboard binder, and the gloves your sister gave you? Ooooh, that may be where you should start.

This week the Sioux Falls Ice Rinks will open. But, will it be too cold? Our forecast predicts dangerous wind chills and sub-zero temperatures.

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So that you know, warming houses at each of the rink sites have vending for snacks. And, skate rentals if you still cannot locate yours. Rental prices are $1 to $3 depending on age.

There are a few dates you need to be aware of during the holidays:

Thursday, December 23: 1–8 PM
Friday, December 24: Closed
Saturday, December 25: Closed
December 26–31: 1–8 PM
Sunday, January 1: Closed
Monday, January 2: 1–8 PM

Have fun this winter on the ice at these Sioux Falls Skating Rink locations:

Campus Park, 1700 S. Summit Avenue
Frank Olson Park, 4001 E. 16th
McKennan Park, 400 E. 26th Street
Memorial Park, 7500 W. 26th Street
Sherman Park, 2705 W. 12th Street
Tuthill Park, 3500 S. Cliff Avenue

Winter Wonderland at Falls Park

Winter Wonderland at Falls Park

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