What's that old saying - "You can take a boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy" ...

...in this case, replace the word with North Dakota and it says it all about North Dakota native Josh Duhamel. The boy from Minot, North Dakota has made it no secret of his true love of his hometown and the State he grew up in. Duhamel is one of the most recognizable celebrities you'll run across - and it could happen right down the street from you. Duhamel is famous for just kicking back with the rest of us at a local bar or you can catch him at a sporting event. He LOVES North Dakota, and that's even more plain to see now.

"Goodbye to Hollywood..it sucks..."

Has Josh Duhamel had a fairy tale life so far? Most people think so. According to wikipedia "Duhamel is a spokesman for North Dakota tourism and has appeared in promotional videos for the state over the past decade.[29] In 2022, Duhamel was paid $75,000 to become the face of the State’s Tourism Campaign for the next two years" He married a former Miss America Audra Mari - they are expecting their first child together soon - what could be more perfect? Well, just recently Josh announced he is moving back home to North Dakota. According to movieguide.org  Actor Josh Duhamel said he moved home to North Dakota because Hollywood “suck[s] the soul out of you.”“It was just a lot,” the actor said. “I just missed the simplicity of who I really am. I’m just not a guy who is comfortable going to red carpets, doing all the Hollywood stuff. I don’t hate it; I’m better at it now than I was, but I just took me a long time to really feel like I fit in.”

Welcome home Josh

Can't wait to see you when you come out to visit BisMan.

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