Not saying this to be mean or anything, but for about 99.9% of all of us, it's impossible to know what it's like to represent a a competition

In a Miss America contest, each young lady is judged on a scoring system comprised of... ( According to )

A) Private Interview 

It is held on the day of the pageant - this will be 30% of their final score.

B) Onstage Interview

The question is written by the judges after each interview - this is 10% of their score

C) Talent

So this is 20% of their score - They have a time limit of 90 seconds - singing or dancing, or maybe some poetry reading - whatever the contestant feels she is most comfortable with.

D) Fitness

Another stage that is worth 20% of her score. Looking for high-energy, athletic healthy confidence

E) Evening Gown

The whole package basically - the textbook "Miss America" look. This phase of the contest is also worth 20% of her score.


"The panel includes renowned model and actress Cynthia Bailey, entrepreneur and author Elena Cardone, founder of Susan G. Komen and breast cancer advocate Ambassador Nancy Brinker, CEO and wellness advocate Susan Malzoni, former model and entrepreneur Shelley Goodstein, and wedding and entertaining expert David Tutera" ( )

The 96th Edition of the Miss America Contest just wrapped up almost two weeks ago- at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida. Our very own Sydney Helgeson from Bismarck was representing North Dakota.


Now that we have all that out of the way, let's try and get into the mindset of someone like Sydney. Here are some of her impressive achievements:

Once again it is impossible to even imagine what it must be like to be constantly judged, watched, and viewed by others who meet her every day, any minute, any second. That's what a beauty contestant goes through. Charitable events, and interviews constantly. What we don't get to experience is HOW she makes every person feel special by shaking her hand, with a heartfelt smile. These are things MAYBE the young ladies can learn, but you can't teach someone to be genuinely humble. Congratulations to the winner of this competition ( Madison Marsh Miss  Colorado ) - and let every single person from North Dakota feel proud of Sydney Helgeson. A classy Bismarck native, and charming in every possible way - In my mind that is worth 100% of her score.

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