South Dakota has its share of famous places, but the Mount Rushmore State also has a few infamous spots as well, and one of those is back in the news.

It's a rather non-descript railroad crossing bridge over South Pierre Street in the state 's capital city.

Over the years this spot has become well-known for the ongoing battle between semis and the bridge, which has a clearance of just 11 feet, 3 inches.

Monday (March 4) morning, the bridge's undefeated status remained intact when another oversized truck tried, unsuccessfully, to make it through unscathed.

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It happened just before 8:00 AM when, according to KCCR Radio, a truck driver from Minnesota wedged the 53-foot trailer of his 2016 Freightliner under the bridge.

Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device was later ticketed for Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device.

The incident closed Northbound Pierre Street for about two hours while crews worked to remove the trailer. There was no apparent damage to the bridge.

So just how after does this happen at this spot?

According to the Dakota News Now story from 2021, more often than you think:

'In May of 2020, two trucks got stuck under the bridge within a week. A few months later, the bridge claimed three vehicle victims in less than 24 hours.'

You know it's a problem when there's an entire Facebook page devoted to the area.

Trucks vs. Bridge, Pierre SD has been chronicling incidents on Pierre Street for the past 13 years and has nearly 20,000 followers.

Several of them shared their own shots of the latest direct hit:

Semi vs. Bridge - Pierre
Matt Semmler/Facebook
Semi vs. Bridge - Pierre
Victoria Schwanz Jones/Facebook
Semi vs. Bridge - Pierre
Slade Parmely/Facebook

Some of the comments on the Facebook page were epic:

  • 'First one of the year. Happy 2024!!'
  • And they say there isn't anything to do in Pierre...I beg to differ..''
  • 'I am curious how much the railroad collects every time the bridge is hit?'
  • 'Who had March 4th in the pool?'
  • 'I like how all the cars behind him just followed behind him right up until he got stuck.'
South Pierre Street/SD Highway 14 - Pierre
Google Maps

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