You don't have to look very hard these days to find Taylor Swift.

When she's not on stage at her latest Eras Tour performance, you can spot the pop music superstar on the big screen starring in Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie, which has already taken in more than $200 million worldwide in just three weeks.

If you miss her there, you can most certainly count on her being front and center cheering on her boyfriend Travis Kelce at the latest Kansas City Chiefs game.

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There's no denying that she is the queen of all things pop culture these days and her monumental influence is about to spill over into a South Dakota classroom.

Beginning in the 2024 spring semester, students at the University of South Dakota will be able to take a course focused on Taylor Swift.

But this isn't a music class, it's a law class.

Second and third-year students at the Knudson School of Law will soon be studying the 'Taylor Swift Effect', which looks at her 'life, legacy in the music industry, and impact on culture intertwine with the law.'

The course is the brainchild of USD Professor Sean Kammer who says he was inspired to create this course after attending the recent Eras Tour performance in Minneapolis.

Class material will cover Swift’s music and lyrics, as well as her celebrity persona, her massive following, as well as her interactions with the legal system. Kammer hopes to provide students with insights into legal philosophy, legal culture, and legal rhetoric.

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