The story of Nipper the Hero Collie goes back nearly 90 years ago and has a connection to the Old Courthouse Museum in downtown Sioux Falls. While not much can be found in historical records, the story of Nipper is indeed heroic.

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The tale took place in 1938, when this intelligent pupper, living his best dog life, heard crying from a nearby well. Eighteen month old Mayo Kellogg was playing near a water tank on his grandmother's farm and fell in. When Nipper heard crying from the would-be watery grave he sprang into action rescuing the child.

Nippers story touched the hearts of many. Then, tragedy struck. Nipper was run over by a truck shortly after the rescue and perished. The Old Courthouse Museum displayed the pelt of Nipper for some time, according to Roadside America, who reached out for more details about Nipper.

According to the Old Courthouse Museum Instagram, the museum no longer publicly displays the pelt of Nipper, but his furry hide is presumable in storage.

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Editor's note: The above black and white photo is not the actual Nipper. Such a photo proved hard to find if even in existence.  But the a photo of the pelt can be found on the Old Courthouse Museum's Instagram page.

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