It occurs on a nightly basis. Eastside residents in Sioux Falls hear sport-style motorcycles revving up to ridiculous RPMs and hitting extremely high speeds. It's not uncommon to hear the screaming howl of these street machines rocket through 6 gears and hit what must be triple-digit speeds.

One social media user posted that she heard a motorcycle was clocked at 130mph in a 35 mph zone.

It leaves residents wondering what can be done about this and are the police involved. It's a tricky answer but the Sioux Falls Police and South Dakota Highway Patrol are very aware of the situation as hundreds of complaints are logged.

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One poster from the NextDoor app said it best:

"Props to the Highway Patrol for TRYING to stop some of the crotch rockets tonight. Unfortunately, as we've all heard, those things have some power so the pursuit was terminated for public safety. This post is meant to show that law enforcement IS aware and trying to address the problem. Even at night, though, the risk of involving innocent civilians in a crash is higher if they were to continue chasing the bikers so please be more understanding before playing Monday morning quarterback."

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The area in which these nightly Daytona 500-like races occur is Veteran's Parkway, commonly known as Highway 11, East 57th street, and Sycamore Avenue. One person reported that there were 5 State Patrol cars parked just north of Madison Avenue on Veteran's Parkway and were targeting racers - both cars and motorcycles.

Talking with neighbors in the Sycamore area the main concern is that there is going to be loss of life if this thing is not shut down.

"Some nights it goes on until 3 AM. There are large groups of them and it sounds like an invasion. There must also be a noise ordinance that is not enforced. I'm sure the thrill of flying down the road is exhilarating, but I shudder to think how fast that could change when hitting a pothole or deer or if some poor unsuspecting driver pulls out thinking the way is clear." ~ NextDoor post

Until it stops - or the weather turns too cold - east side residents are left wondering, "why do were hear this for hours on end from dusk until 3 AM?"

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