It was not exactly a nuke entering our atmosphere but some would have thought it just as bad. Facebook and Instagram took a hit this morning when services were not working and people immediately rushed to judgement.

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Although no cause was cited yet from the Zuckerberg headquarters, the rumors went straight to "hack" mode. Others were convinced that the outage was too much of a coincidence and asked if this could be "practice for the November elections."

Do you realize how close we just came to actually speaking face to face or having to use a pencil and paper? My God! Oh Lord Almighty...we survived.

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At last, our social media managers can get back work...after changing their underwear.

Haunted Locations and Scary Legends Around Sioux Falls

Halloween is steeped in scary traditions. Trick-or-Treating, frightening costumes, local actors in "haunted" houses, and the pitch-black darkness of area corn mazes.

However, if we set out to find the real haunted areas what would we find? Over the last 30 years that I have lived in Sioux Falls, a few locations still gain attention as being haunted.

And yes, a handful of thrill-seeking people will show up on our favorite eerie night for what could be a viral video moment or experience a misty phantom first-hand.
Let's take a little tour of the more famous hauntings around Sioux Falls. Turn on the lights and cue the Cowardly Lion: "I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks..."

Gallery Credit: Danny V

How Much Does a Wedding Cost in South Dakota?

Gallery Credit: Chuck Wood

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