One of the most appealing things about using Amazon over the years has been access to free shipping on many of the items you purchase.

But as the costs associated with delivery continue to rise, Amazon is looking for ways to save money dropping off packages.

And they're willing to pay some customers to do it.

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According to The Street, Amazon is sending out $10 discount coupons for orders of $25 or more to an unspecified number of Prime subscribers if they are willing to forego delivery and pick up their packages instead.

The company has set up a series of local package pickup spots, called Amazon Hubs, to save on shipping costs, while improving workflow and efficiency for its deliveries.

Amazon Hubs - Sioux Falls

Amazon currently has nine hubs in Sioux Falls:

  1. Amazon Hub Counter - AAA Sioux Falls - 3701 West 49th Street
  2. Amazon Hub Counter - KUM & GO - 6001 South Western Avenue
  3. Amazon Hub Counter - KUM & GO - 7100 West 41st Street
  4. Amazon Hub Locker - Augustana University - 2112 South Grange Avenue
  5. Amazon Hub Counter - KUM & GO - 1005 West 11th Street
  6. Amazon Hub Counter - KUM & GO - 1400 North Minnesota Avenue
  7. Amazon Hub Counter - KUM & GO - 1400 North Cliff Avenue
  8. Amazon Hub Counter - KUM & GO - 412 North Sycamore Avenue
  9. Amazon Hub Counter - KUM & GO - 501 North Minnesota Avenue

Amazon is also encouraging customers to use those hubs to make returns and recently announced that it would begin charging some customers a one-dollar fee for returns through UPS.

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For Sioux Falls, the earliest views are from 2008 and the latest from early 2022.

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