From what I'm told the dating scene these days can be tough. Fortunately, I no longer have to experience that little slice of hell, unless my wife has something she's been meaning to tell me. Yikes!

Let's be honest, we all know it's not easy to be single, but from what I understand dating in the year 2023 can be, and often is, an extremely difficult thing for a lot of people to have to endure.

You might be really into a person, and they're just kind of lukewarm on you or vice versa. And then the way single people communicate these days is a whole other issue, texting, social media, dating apps, etc.

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The technology we possess has made it super easy to drop a modern-day dating bomb on someone and then just go radio silent. In the old days, you'd have to ditch somebody via a verbal phone conversation or god forbid face-to-face. Not anymore, send the person a text, or worse yet, just drop off the grid and simply cut off communication entirely with no warning.

The term for going radio silent in today's dating world is called "Ghosting" and according to a new study done by Forbes Health, it's become extremely prevalent in today's modern dating culture.

The study found that ghosting someone can really play with a person's psyche. Well duh! No one wants to be kicked to the curb by someone, trust me, this is coming from a person who has spent a lot of time in the gutter when I was single.

The Forbes article also talks about the likelihood of a single person being ghosted in the state they live in.

If you reside here in South Dakota, supposedly you have a 78% chance of being ghosted by someone while dating. While they might seem rather high, just be glad you don't live in the other Dakota. North Dakotans stand a 90% chance of being ghosted during a dating relationship. They are the second-highest ghosting state in the nation by the way.

Ghosting in South Dakota
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What are the top reasons for ghosting someone?

Not liking someone's personality was found to be a common reason, along with not finding a person attractive. Not having the same expectations for the relationship also made the list, as did being busy with our personal lives.

Almost two-thirds of the respondents in the Forbes study claimed to have ghosted someone after briefly talking via a dating app, and never meeting the person face to face. 54% of people disappeared after they had gone on just one date with the other person. 39% became ghosts after multiple dates, and 30% of the respondents dropped off the grid after sleeping with the person on one occasion.

Source: Forbes Health

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