When Journey performs with Toto in Sioux City next month on February 28th could Steve Perry be along for the ride?

First, let me be perfectly clear, this is just a rumor, there is no concrete evidence pointing to the fact that it will actually happen, but, there is a lot of scuttlebutt swirling around at the moment of a possible Perry and Journey reunion.

One thing we know for sure, Steve Perry is starting to play nice again with his former band Journey. That hasn't happened in a long time.

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If you remember, Perry filed a lawsuit against his former band in 2022, claiming that he had registered trademarks to over 20 Journey songs. The website American Songwriter.com reported some time back, that Perry has now dropped that lawsuit. That move caused several Journey fans to begin speculating that something might be in the works.

Again, there is no concrete evidence that a reunion is brewing, just a hunch being floated around by fans of the band.

Another possible sign, it's the band's 50th anniversary tour in 2024. That's a pretty big milestone. And let's be honest, these guys are not getting any younger, so if there was ever going to be a possible Steve Perry and Journey reunion, now would seem like a good time.

Probably the best indicator that something might be in the works is word coming out of an interview that Journey co-founder and guitarist Neil Schon did with Loudwire.com. In the interview, Schon mentioned that he is open to the possibility of Journey reuniting with Perry and that he and Steve are now on speaking terms, and are getting to know each other again. That's certainly a good sign.

Again, all of this is just pure speculation by many hardcore Journey fans right now.

But, if you've been hoping and praying for years that the two sides might eventually smoke from the peace pipe someday and reunite, I suggest you take the advice of the band themselves, remain Faithful, and Don't Stop Believing.

Source: American Song Writer/Entertainment Tonight

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