I like to think I'm open to learning something new every day and today is no exception. After years of seeing them and wondering what caused them, I finally had a reason to find out the answer to the question, "what causes northern lights?".

According to Space.com, The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is a natural phenomenon that occurs when electrically charged particles from the sun collide with particles in the Earth's atmosphere.

The Northern Lights Were Visible in South Dakota and Minnesota

This collision produces a beautiful and colorful light show that can be seen in the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. The intensity and color of the Northern Lights can vary depending on several factors, including the strength of the solar wind and the Earth's magnetic field.

Thursday night (March 23) a lot of people were lucky enough to capture photos and video of the spectacular phenomena in our area.

Check out this Facebook video from Christian Begeman.

@sierrajenkins42 That moment you thought you missed the northern lights everyone was posting about but come to find out they were above your house the whole time! I'm jealous of all who got to see all the color but let me tell you on our hill by the house not only was it super freaking cold and had a bite to the air directly below but it looked SO COOL!! Here's all the pictures I got before getting too cold. Had to drive away from the house to get most of them. #nofilter #northernlights2023 #SouthDakota ♬ If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away - Justin Moore

@skyline__studios The #northernlights were crazy last night. #hifromsd #sodak #dji #dronephotography #southdakota #theblackhills #mini3pro #auroraborealis #dancing #lightshow ♬ original sound - Skyline Studios

@theclassiccarshop Northern Lights near Bear Butte #northernlights #auroraborealis #sky #fyp #foryou #southdakota ♬ Aurora Borealis - Steven Price

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