Over 5,000 semi-truckloads of snow and counting.

That is how much snow street crews have scooped up and hauled away off Sioux Falls city streets thanks to Mother Nature's belated Christmas present to the Sioux Empire last week.

Like the rest of us here in the area, the city is trying to find a place to stack all of the snow Ma Nature dumped on us recently. The W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds appears to be the final resting spot for most of the snow being trucked away.

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Needless to say, there is going to be quite the sizeable lake on the fairgrounds property this spring once the weather begins to warm up. Things are going to be a little soggy out there, I'd say.

Snow removal W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds
Dakota News Now (with permission)

Dakota News Now reports, street crews will remove around 1200 truckloads of snow from city streets and neighborhoods during a typical winter snowfall in Sioux Falls.

However, the winter weather event that bore down on the region last week was anything but typical. And winter is just getting started according to the calendar anyway. Yikes!

We could all be downhill skiing in our front yards later this winter if we get a few more of these heavy snow storms this year.

One thing is for certain, street crews have been putting in very long hours removing snow from city streets and throughout neighborhoods since the bomb cyclone went off here in Sioux Falls.

So the next time you see a plow driver, give them a big hug and say thanks! They deserve it!

Source: Dakota News Now

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