Got snow? South Dakota sure does. And finding items to help combat all the snowfall we've received so far this winter is becoming increasingly challenging.

Have you tried to find things like roof snow rakes, snowblowers, shovels, and roof melt lately? They are in short supply right now in many stores throughout the Sioux Empire.

And this just in, there's plenty more of Old Man Winter yet to come in 2023!

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After the recent Sioux Falls Snowmeggedon event, I quickly went out in search of one of those big honking Snowplow snow shovels. Think I could find one anywhere? Nope! Truth be told, there was barely any type of snow shovels left, period!

The search for roof rakes and roof melt is the biggest challenge at the moment given almost every homeowner's concern right now over the snow buildup around their home here in the Sioux Falls area.

According to Dakota News Now, those two items, in particular, have been flying off the shelves fast and furious lately.

Nyberg’s Ace associate, Mark Pollard told Dakota News Now, “We’re not surprised by anything anymore. We’re in South Dakota, we get a ton of snow, and we’re usually prepared for it. This time, we had 150 roof rakes, and within about two days of that snow, they sold as fast as we could get them out.”

Dakota News Now reports, if you're one of the many homeowners here in the Sioux Empire that is concerned about the tremendous buildup of snow and ice on your roof, experts highly recommend you consult a trained professional to help tackle the problem. The biggest reason why is for your own safety.

Climbing up on the roof and attempting to remove snow and ice is a dangerous proposition for anyone, especially if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

It's super easy for a variety of bad things to happen like slipping off the roof and going boom! And I'm fairly sure you don't want to start 2023 off in a body cast, right?

So, if you're concerned about the large buildup of snow and ice on your home's roof, it's probably a wise idea to give one of the many snow removal businesses that specialize in that type of thing a call in the Sioux Falls area.

Let them clear your roof, while you get caught up on the latest episode of HBO's "The Last of Us."

Source: Dakota News Now

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