Have you ever purchased something really expensive only to find out afterward you don't really want it now? Can you imagine if that expensive thing was your education?

You can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars to complete a degree at the University Of Minnesota, University Of Iowa, University Of South Dakota, and about any other college or university.

University of Minnesota-Getty Thinkstock
University of Minnesota-Getty Thinkstock

Apparently, lots of folks have some buyer's remorse after getting their college degree.

The folks at CNBC conducted a new survey asking about graduates' Most-Regretted College Majors. Here is what they found out...

  1. Journalism ... 87%
  2. Sociology ... 72%
  3. Liberal arts/general studies ... 72%
  4. Communications ... 64%
  5. Education ... 61%
  6. Marketing management + research ... 60%
  7. Medical/clinical assisting... 58%
  8. Political science + government ... 56%
  9. Biology ... 52%
  10. English language + literature .... 52%
University Of Iowa-Getty Thinkstock
University Of Iowa-Getty Thinkstock

According to new data, a person with a Bachelor’s degree will generally earn 84% more than those with just a high school diploma.

Which is good...because it's going to cost a lot to pay back all those student loans.

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