South Dakotans who are fans of "American Idol" are abuzz right now regarding a home state native who recently auditioned for the show.

Mitchell, South Dakota resident Rebecca Culhane has been given the opportunity to showcase her singing talents to the folks associated with the popular television show American Idol on Fox.

There has been a ton of chatter surrounding Culhane's appearance on the show, but, according to the Mitchell Daily Republic, so far she has only shown up in a video on the "Idol" website, and not the show itself.

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In the video, Culhane talked about how she auditioned for season 22 of the show via MySpace, rather than making the trek out to Los Angeles to appear in person.

The Mitchell Daily Republic also says she also mentioned her love for writing music, her family, and her various musical influences.

Culhane who hails from Yankton, South Dakota,  married Mitchell resident Matt Culhane, six years ago. The couple has two daughters together.

Anyone who is a fan of "Idol" knows how close to the vest Fox likes to play things when it comes to revealing the behind-the-scenes details of the show. Word has it, the network tells performers they will be sued for millions of dollars should they start spilling the beans on their performances.

However, the Mitchell Daily Republic reports that those in the know say it is generally a positive sign when a contestant's video appears on the page where the next round of auditions is slated to take place. In Culhane's case, round two of the competition is scheduled for Hollywood and the video containing her interview appears on that page. Is that a sign that she has advanced? We'll soon find out.

The next round of competition for American Idol Season 22 happens Sunday night, (February 25). Will we see Rebecca Culhane make an appearance on the show, let's hope so!

Source: Mitchell Daily Republic

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